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Understanding Elitists


Inside the Mind of an Elitist

dollar hand 59When I first talk to people about the globalist agenda, a challenge they frequently put forth out of skepticism is, “Why would these supposed elitists want to crash the economy? Wouldn’t an economic collapse hurt them, too?”

Certainly, this is a reasonable query and requires a carefully articulated truthful response. Perhaps, there are several feasible approaches one can master. I have found a valid approach is to paint a picture that enables a nonbeliever to visualize things from the viewpoint of an oligarch.

The story below may facilitate your ability to get into the head of an elitist. It describes what I believe to be a typical scenario of how many among the new generation elite may have evolved from their childhoods to join with others to become so irrationally and dangerously obsessed with hatred and brutality that they would support potentially self-destructive agendas.

The Evolution of a Man’s Hatred

Once as a young teenager, I participated in a series of Monopoly™ games with four of my classmates. One of the players, I call John, wiped all of us out every time we played. John would continually offer deals to the players, which consistently seemed logical, but too good to be true. In each occurrence, he turned out to be the one that benefited. Somehow, John, without fail, managed to place hotels on nearly every property on the board before we knew what hit us. Leisurely, he would position each plastic piece in the exact spot it belonged all the while gloating with an evil smirk like that of a shark about to engulf its prey.

Finally, after four disastrous Saturdays of John magically plundering us all into insolvency, we decided we had enough and conceded John was unbeatable. Never again did we meet to play Monopoly.

John in School

John was never liked by others throughout his high school years. He had few, if any, friends and his tone in conversations abounded with criticisms of others. Yet, he was a straight “A” student who graduated second in our class. John frequently boasted about his grades and when he was accepted at Harvard Business School, we all fell victim to his continuous condescending, backstabbing disparagements.

At Harvard Business School, John majored in finance and, not surprisingly, graduated with honors. It was obvious John was destined for wealth.

John in the Business World

Upon graduation from Harvard, John accepted a lucrative opportunity with Goldman Sachs. Rapidly, he rose through the ranks to a prestigious high-paying position. Then, just six years after accepting employment with the financial giant, John left to establish his own investments company.

It did not take long for John’s firm to make a significant impact on Wall Street. His company’s reputation grew as they represented and achieved success for investors worldwide. I was not surprised to learn he expeditiously accumulated an immense personal fortune. According to an article a friend sent me from an investment newspaper, John had become the major stockholder of several modest-sized corporations and his net worth had mushroomed to more than one billion dollars.

Our High School Reunion

I recently saw John at our 25th high school reunion. This was the first time we had spoken since just prior to John being hired by Goldman Sachs. The two of us had lunch the same day I was to fly back to my home on the West Coast. To me, our conversation was both fascinating yet depressing. Let me explain.

During our lunch conversation, John revealed to me a secret to his success. He expressed, “You need to realize people are stupid and easy to manipulate and control. Goldman’s ranks were loaded with greedy slobs who hungered for great wealth and could be easily duped.” He began to chuckle. “I was able to walk all over many of them! Quickly, I rose to the level of authority I deserved and was placed in charge of some of their largest accounts.”

John did not stop there. He went on to elaborate how he hated Americans. “Americans are all worthless, useless pigs who need to be controlled and ruled,” he declared. “They’re polluting the world, stealing the earth’s resources and ruining the planet for the rest of us. We would be better off if the Constitution never existed so privileged people like me would no longer have to put up with their nonsense.”

John next divulged that a few years prior, he was invited to a personal dinner by a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. During this meeting, John boasted how he was asked by the CEO if he would be interested in joining the Council on Foreign Relations. John replied favorably and was soon thereafter accepted as a member. He then expressed to me that being a member of the Council was more compelling to him than business success and personal wealth. Contributing to the establishment of control over humanity had become his major motivation in life.

How Hatred Grows Deep: The Overt-Motivator Sequence

So, what happened to John? How did his hatred for others grow to become such an obsession? In one form of regression therapy, this is referred to as The Overt-Motivator Sequence.

An “overt” can simply be defined as a destructive act… one which suppresses or harms innocent people. An overt act, whether out of commission or omission, contains lies and deceit, and the motive to damage someone or something constructive. Here is how it works.

Recall our Monopoly adventure. During these games, John lied to, manipulated and deceived the other players and hid his intentions to take control over everyone’s assets. This should come as a no surprise, for this is what defines the Monopoly experience. After all, Monopoly is just a game and we were all attempting to outwit each other. However, John’s intentions were disparate from ours. Underneath his placid exterior hid a serious obsession to win. Then, for weeks on end after the games concluded, John repeatedly offered nothing but criticisms regarding the players, including me. His condescending remarks targeting one or more of us rarely pertained to issues that had anything to do with the Monopoly games. So, what was going on here?

The answer is simple. When John committed a destructive act against another, in order to justify his action and suppress his gilt, John needed to convince himself his victim warranted it. Should John then have decided to withhold his intent and take no responsibility for the overt act (which he did), his level of respect for the victim would continue to deteriorate. John would have eventually become motivated to commit additional harmful acts against that individual out of a growing animosity. This desire is called the motivator.

Fred, one of the Monopoly participants, may have become the recipient of John’s wrath. John announced to a group by his school locker, “Fred deserved to flunk that test. He is nothing but a big-stupid-fat slob.”

Soon thereafter, John began to spread nasty rumors about Fred that were complete fabrications, as John’s aversion for Fred continued to soar. Then, Fred’s parent’s car was mysteriously vandalized. The side door was severely dented and the windows smashed. Was John responsible? The police never identified a suspect.

The Obsession to Harm

When an individual continuously commits overt acts, that person begins to generalize hatred towards others. Thus, John eventually reached a plateau where he despised everyone he met and believed it justifiable to harm anyone. He was, however, cunning enough to hide his abhorrence for others and to continue to commit his misdeeds daily, but do so covertly.

So. let us take a look at insider groups like the Council on Foreign Relations or Federal Reserve Board from this perspective. All of these organizations are infested with members who possess a hatred for humanity. Since they have a generalized goal to suppress “the useless eaters” of the planet, they tolerate and are patient with each other because they believe they need one another to achieve their sinister aims. Therefore, although John has an intense hatred for all people, including the fellow members of the Council, he works with them despite some distrust to achieve the group’s aims. (Yes, their weakness of mutual mistrust is one we can exploit).

An obsessed generalized hatred of others, whether visible or covert, is the true definition of INSANITY. Insanity is not just destructive, it is also self destructive. This is why these lunatics are willing to engage in actions that may ultimately destroy themselves and their families, as well.

Another Argument You Can Employ

In numerous writings and videos by Lindsey Williams, he explains that the currency of the elite is gold and silver. Elitists believe that precious metals, along with real assets, such as buildings and property, are what comprise real wealth. Apparently, over the past several years, cabalists have been buying up as much of the world’s precious metals as they can get their hands on. Many researchers, such as David Icke and Bill Still, believe that the coffers at Fort Knox are empty or nearly so and that America’s gold has been handed over to the World Bank and IMF possibly as collateral on the U.S national debt.

Cabalists comprehend that the dollar and most of the world’s other currencies are backed by nothing, as they created this mess. The truth is they have a history of causing economic booms and busts at will. So, on the surface, they do not think they will be hurt by crashing the economy. To the contrary, they believe the crash will exponentially increase their power and control over us through foreclosures and corporate buyouts for pennies on the dollar. However, these conclusions are fueled by an arrogant confidence born from their hatred. Apparently, many elite do fear that collapsing the economy could ignite unprecedented public protest and endanger their agenda, as the awakening of the masses is their greatest phobia. Their animosity for humanity compels them to move forward despite this risk.

Your Invitation

I invite you to go forward with this knowledge when communicating with others about the New World Order agenda. So, when skeptics ask you why the elite wish to collapse the economy when they might also suffer, explain that their hatred for humanity has driven them to such irrationality they are motivated to commit acts that may hurt themselves. Also, assert that they believe they will gain more power and control by destroying the economy but that, in truth, many of them know that attempting to do so could raise the resistance level to such a degree it could bring about their demise. If you have any questions or comments about the content of this article, please address them below.



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