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What is the most effective way to make people aware of the New World Order agenda? Should you discuss several pieces of the Elite’s sinister plans or focus on a single component? If you were to emphasize just one of their schemes, which one should you choose? Based our experience in educating others concerning the Globalist agenda, we have found it usually most effective to focus on one key element. Unless the individual we are striving to inform has a specific special interest, we stick to discussing the economy. You will understand why we say this in a moment.

Should You Talk to Friends or Make New Aquaintances?

Certainly, you should pursue people you know, and you will succeed if you employ an effective approach. To help guide you, we suggest you repetitively review the guidelines provided by Foster and Kimberly Gamble (“How to Share Difficult Information with Friends without Losing Friendships”). This is a masterful video and we expect you will benefit immensely. 

But what about making new contacts, too? We find this surprisingly effortless, fun and rewarding when you focus on a ripe target market with a powerful approach. Yes, we are serious… effortless and fun! If you focus on the right target market, you may be surprised how many people actually want to know what is truly behind the dilemmas we are facing. So, since Kimberly and Foster do such a masterful job of explaining how to talk to people you already know, our focus here is on meeting and communicating with new acquaintances.

Who Other than Friends Should You Talk To?

Based on our experience, the most productive audience to target is small business owners. Why? Simple. When it comes to the economy, small business owners are on the front lines. Many have had their hopes and dreams shattered when the “recession” took its tightest grip on consumer and business spending, and the criminal bankers refused to let go. Therefore, many small business owners tend to be somewhat more aware of the gravity of our economic situation and long for a solution. You can provide these people with the actual cause and a ray of hope, if you use a compelling approach.

Recently, some small businesses have experienced an upswing in business. However, few have recovered close to their pre-2008 level of profitability. We find here in Southern California, for example, most of those we speak to are cautious and skeptical about any real economic recovery. In fact, we find nearly 50 percent of those we approach are willing to listen and will respond well when we provide a few pieces of truth. You may be surprised that the only small business owners we find difficult to sway are those who are in absolute denial, or refuse to question whether the mainstream “pundits” are telling the truth. We have found you should quickly end your conversations with people who have this reality, as they are not worth the effort, especially when there are so many who will listen intently and consider you know what you are talking about.

Where to Find Small Business Owners

Networking events and meetings are a great place to meet small business owners. These include chambers of commerce mixers and similar events organized by other associations and groups. We have had success with Network After Work. Here in Los Angeles, anywhere from 250 to 400 people attend their gatherings. The majority who take part have at least ownership interest in a business. If you live in or near a major city in the US, chances are you will find Network After Work or similar event groups present. These gatherings are usually affordable. In fact, Network After Work currently charges about $15 if paid for in advance. Hosts usually provide a drink ticket and may provide some free food. So, find a group and go for it!

Of course, you need not limit yourself to general business groups. If you belong to a trade association, for example, consider attending their events, if they offer time for you to meet others. Many groups provide the opportunity to gather in a room or area for drinks and hors d’oeuvres prior to beginning their programs.

Prepare Yourself

Good first impressions are essential. Therefore, make it as easy as possible for you to gain others’ immediate respect. Be presentable and dress slightly better than what the average attendee might expect. You will need plenty of energy. So, do whatever works for you… energy bars, vitamins or coffee… get yourself psyched!

Your goal will be to motivate those you interact with to visit websites and view YouTube videos. So, prepare yourself before walking into an event. You can copy the domain names, titles and authors onto the back of your business cards, or make up some cards and write the details on them. Make sure you provide your contact information, too. Also, carry a pocket notebook and a pen to note their contact information, as you will likely meet a few people who did not bring business cards. Use your notebook, too, to jot down comments individuals make that you might wish to address when you conduct your follow up. If you work hard, you may meet 20 people or more and, the next day, might be surprised to find it difficult to recall who said what. That is why you need to write things down.

Can You Go to an Event to Wake Up People and Promote Your Own Business, too?

Yes, of course it is o.k. for you to do so. You do have to eat and support your family. However, remember that each person you wake up drives us closer to saving humanity. We are in a life and death situation and disseminating the truth is a crucial activity. So, sort out your priorities.

Your Approach

Our first tip is you should concentrate on speaking to one individual rather than a group. If you are conversing with two or more at once, you are likely to encounter “group think” and get “PR” responses to your questions (answers that reflect what they want others to hear rather than their true opinions). Try to avoid this.

How Do We Define “Awakening”

The awakening takes place at that moment the individual first realizes that we have been lied to and the problems we are all facing (in this case, with the economy) were created by design. You will notice this by an expression on people’s faces… a change in their emotion. You may see their eyes rolling in anger, nodding or shaking their heads, or people just saying “wow!”


If you do this well, you will awaken 40 percent or more of the business owners you address. If you are waking up less than 30 percent, you will need to adjust your presentation. You are welcome to contact us, should you need advice.

If you live outside of the United States, you will need to make some adjustments to make your presentations work, as the key points listed below are from an American perspective. We suggest you contact us if you would like our advice to create a presentation that will work in your country. We would love to help you succeed. Just send us an e-mail with your request.

Presentation Intro

When you meet someone at a networking event, first ask them about their business and how things are going. Then mention what your business or line of work is. Next, state that a main or the major reason for being at the event is that you are active in the Liberty Movement, which concentrates on protecting our Constitutional rights and monetary reform. Few will disagree with this. Tell them those in the movement want to get our country out of the financial mess we’re in and protect our freedoms. Make them aware we want to create real prosperity so we no longer need to struggle in our businesses, and we believe we can achieve this.

Presentation Outline

These are the components of what I suggest you use when talking to people at networking events. Keep in mind, at events such as those put on by Network After work, you will need to keep your presentation short. So, you are certainly not going to discuss everything below. 

If there is content in the outline you are not aware to be true or disagree with, don’t use it. For any content you are not knowledgeable about, I suggest you get yourself educated so you can use it in your presentation. Pick and choose what you are going to use in advance of going to a network event and practice your delivery. To get the best results, review the page on this blog Communication Musts.

1) Your study of the economy

  • Why you became interested in studying the economy
  • How long you have been studying the economy
  • Explain you have found you cannot rely on the mainstream media or our government for ANY reliable information
  • Explalin that you have found dozens of sources online in the alternative media who have turned out to be reliable, including economists, trends forecasters and financial analysts. These people seem to have no other agenda than to share what’s true.

2) Why people need to know exactly what is happening with the economy.

  • We are headed for a financial collapse.
  • We can’t stop it from happening but we can fix it after it does.
  • Lots of people are now aware of what’s going on and many are taking action. The Internet is now flooded with information from hundreds of sources. 

3) The bailouts and the Federal Government’s insolvency

  • The bailout helped the banks but not the people. More money was pumped into the system. Instead of helping the public by making capital available, the banks invested the new money in gambling on derivatives. (If you don’t know what derivatives are, get yourself a brief education from alternative sources)
  • The Federal Government cannot pay the interest on the Federal Reserve unless the Federal Reserve continues to buy up the Government’s debt. They did so openly through Quantitative easing, which the Fed claimed was brought to a halt a few years ago. However, they have quietly continued to practice quantitative easy but just don’t call it that.
  • Relating quantitative easing to a family situation.  Imagine this. A family with an interest-only loan on their home can no longer afford to make their mortgage payments. So, they find a bank that actually agrees to loan them money at interest to pay their mortgage each month. How long could any family continue borrowing? And what bank would ever agree to this anyway? Well, that’s what our government has been doing.
  • U.S. is losing its world reserve currency status. Explain that the only reason our Government, Federal Reserve and commercial banks have been able to get away with this is because since World War II, the dollar has functioned as the world’s reserve currency. This means that the dollar has been used as the medium of exchange in most trade between nations. However, countries have been losing their faith in the dollar and many have entered into agreements to trade in other currencies, or even gold, instead of US dollars. 
  • Until recently countries have needed US dollars to trade. This has allowed our government to borrow wildly from commercial banks and spend out of control, which has caused the national debt to soar. The only thing that kept the dollar from crashing was that dollars were in huge demand throughout the world. But countries like Russia and China, are now dumping their dollars, and the good old days nearing their end. So, the situation has been growing worse. It’s been like treating cancer with bandages and ignoring the fact the disease is spreading. 
  • Explain what happens when our Government can no longer continue to pay the interest on the national debt? Our Government will either declare bankruptcy, confiscate our retirement funds and savings through negative interest rates, devalue the dollar, or raise taxes. Or, all of these. 
  • Low Interest rates and international investing. Explain our government and the Fed are in a double bind. If the Fed doesn’t raise interest rates, international investors will escalate moving away from the US dollar because they can’t make any money by investing in US Treasuries. If the Fed raises interest rates, which it will eventually have to, the government won’t be able to pay the interest on the national debt.

4) Is the Federal Reserve a government agency?

  • Answer not truly. Our presidents do appoint their board members, but have always been coerced into selecting those the banking elite want.
  • The Supreme Court has also ruled that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation with stockholders on more than one occasion.
  • The Federal Reserve does not work for the common good of US citizens but for profiteering bankers.
  • Since its inception, the value of the dollar has shrunk by 98 percent.
  • Explain Under Article one Section eight of our Constitution, coinage of our money is granted to Congress. But in 1913, Congress was manipulated into agreeing to outsource the control of our money supply to a group of dominant international bankers and it’s been this way ever since. This is the Federal Reserve and its existence not only violates the spirit of the Constitution but has also allowed powerful bankers to grow their wealth to unbelievably enormous amounts. As a result, these bankers have been able to buy up the mainstream media, gobble up control of just about every Fortune 500 company, and use their enormous wealth to control presidents, Congress, the Supreme Court and much more. 

5) Explain why nothing is said about our financial problems by the mainstream media. 

  • The bankers own and control the mainstream media.
  • The media lies about the state of the economy, the unemployment rate and the manipulation of markets by the Fed.
  • The bankers use the mainstream media to keep us in the dark.

6) Explain why the president and Congress never discuss the real situation with the American people. 

  • Presidents are threatened not to speak about this.
  • Nearly all members of Congress are controlled via bribes, blackmail and threats. On bills the bankers consider important they are told how to vote. This is why the banker bailouts and ObamaCare were approved by Congress despite the majority of Americans opposing them. 

7) Bubbles

  • The Fed is propping up the stock market to ridiculous levels, despite unemployment being much higher than being stated, and GDP continues to be stagnant. The President claims he is responsible for low unemployment and the stock market serge, which is a lie. The Fed is propping up the stock market to boost stock market confidence, when in fact it is a huge bubble. Bubbles always eventually pop.
  • We also have huge bubbles in real estate, bonds, student loans, precious metal and derivatives, which is the worst and most dangerous.
  • Eventually, the collapse will happen.

8) What your contacts need to do

  • Educate yourself about what is going on. There are hundreds of videos you can view on YouTube. You will provide recommendations
  • Learn how to prepare themselves, their families and businesses.
  • Explain things are not bleak. In fact, there are thousands of people working to change things for the better. So, there is hope that we’ll fix things AFTER the bubbles burst. O.k.?

Informative Videos

Most people will be motivated enough to watch a video or two. Make sure, however, you select videos that match the reality of the person you are speaking with. For example, if a person is a religious Christian, recommend a Lindsey Williams video. For a spiritually aware or an environmentally concerned individual, choose Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take. And, if the person is a liberal, choose the Aaron Russo interview Reflections and Warnings, the George Carlin monolog American Dream,  Abby Martin interview, various talks by Naomi Wolf on The End of America, or Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030) videos featuring Rosa Koire.

You can steer younger people or those who don’t seem to have much smarts to watch the animated video The American Dream (consider this edited version for younger teenagers).

For most, however, we suggest starting with one of Bill Still’s videos. Mr. Still does an excellent job of bridging the gap between believing the mainstream media and waking people up to the global agenda. His latest video Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve we find works wonderfully with most people. However, it is usually not available on YouTube. However, his video The Secret of OZ is. It’s a few years older and still valid.

Here are some videos on Youtube you might consider with their links:

“Creature from Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” (G. Edward Griffin)

“Essential Knowledge for a Wall Street Protestor” (David Icke)

“The Secret of Oz” (Bill Still)

“The Quigley Formula” (G. Edward Griffin)

“The American Dream” (George Carlin)

“Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take” (Foster Gamble)

“Reflections and Warnings” (Aaron Russo and Alex Jones)

“The Money Masters (Bill Still)

Agenda 21: The Ultimate War” (Michael Shaw)

“How Big Oil Conquered the World” (James Corbett)

“Collectivism” (G. Edward Griffin)

“Secrets of the Elite” (Pastor Lindsey Williams)

“To Awaken a Sleeping Giant: The Truth About America” (Austin Green)

The End of America (Naomi Wolf)

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve (James Corbett)

“Fall of the Republic” (Alex Jones)

Initial Follow Up

Many of those who agree to watch a video or two you recommended will procrastinate unless you continue to persuade them. Remember, most are business owners and are busy people. Therefore, following up is a must. When you contact them, you may need to rekindle their purpose for doing so by explaining it is vital for them to watch the video or two you recommended to ensure they make better decisions concerning their future.

Further Follow Up

Once your prospects have watched the videos, contact them and ask what they thought. If they didn’t understand or disagree with the content, clear up their misunderstandings. They invariably have “fixed ideas” based on their brainwashing that prevents them from comprehending the truth. Therefore, in such cases, you need to question them concerning where their ideas came from and seek to invalidate the sources of their misguided opinions. (Never criticize the individual you are educating for having false ideas. Rather, always attack their sources. You may need to find credible evidence to back your claims and then present the proof). You may also wish to have them visit Deborah Tavares’s website www.stopthecrime.net to view a wealth of source documents. You will find a link there to the alarming document Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars (direct link), which has so much specific information it’s hard to refute.

For those who understand and believe the material you recommended is true, vow to remain in touch with them and continue to recommend videos and websites to further their knowledge and understanding. As their comprehension of the world situation grows, encourage them to speak to their friends and contacts about the Globalist agenda and to take other actions based on their abilities and interests. At this point, encourage them to get their daily news from alternative sources like Infowars, the X22 Report, Next News Network, The Corbett Report, SGT Report, We Are Change, Truthstream Media, Lisa Haven, Jeff Rense, David Icke, AMTV, USA Watchdog, and The Still Report. Encourage them to join Freedom Force International. You may also wish to sprinkle your suggestions with some who, at least occasionally present positive news to prevent them from sinking into apathy and taking no action. Consider recommending them to listen to G Edward Griffin, Luke Rudkowski, David Icke, Sarah Westall or Foster Gamble. They certainly offer a ray of hope that we may indeed be on the road to defeating the Globalists’ agenda.

Once people have awoken to the globalist agenda regarding the economy, let loose and have them discover all the fronts we must fight the elite on. Often, focusing on Agenda 21 may prove your best a valid second choice. Here are two remarkable videos for you: 1) Michael Shaw and 2) Rosa Koire.

X22 Report

The X22 Report offers daily reports focusing on the economic collapse news. The site also has a link to the host’s YouTube channel, which consists of interviews with alternative media financial analysts, trends forecasters, economists and investment experts. When I send people to this website and YouTube channel, I usually receive an e-mail the same or next day from them blown away by what they read or heard. Most of the interviews do not delve deeply into the conspiracy and are, therefore, palatable for those who are just waking up from a deep sleep.

After a week or two of listening to the X22 Report, introduce them to InfoWars.com, Jeff Rense or others who get deeply into the Conspiracy.

Another Approach: Bring a Partner or Partners

Many have had great success working alone. However, working with a partner or in a group can be a great approach if you do it right. Look, a major reason why the Globalists have been successful is because they spread group agreement that causes people to believe and act the way the Cabal wants us to. People like to conform and be accepted. Rather than fight it, why not use this human characteristic to your advantage? If you can attend an event with one or more others who are awake, hold a conversation about the global agenda with your colleague(s) at the gathering and make it easy for others to listen in. Because people naturally want to agree and be part of the group, many will join the conversation and listen with interest and curiosity. Just make sure you stick to believable facts and avoid theories and opinions. So, refrain from discussing whether astronauts actually ever landed on the moon or if an ET reptilian race has bred with and controls the elites. Even if true, these ideas area difficult to prove and you will sound wacky.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, occasionally a brainwashed person will jump into the conversation and act antagonistic. When this occurs, tactfully get rid the person, as it will poison your discussion and waste valuable time. Rather than argue, just give the person a strong thank you. Then explain that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as you are a firm believer in freedom of speech and then politely cut him out of the discussion.


Please feel free to ask questions or to comment on this approach. Someone will respond to all questions and comments as we are here only to help.

We wish you success and look forward to hearing about your triumphs.



  1. marketingformula says:

    I want to apologize for writing this only from the viewpoint of the U.S. Unfortunately, having lived in the U.S. all my life, this is what I know best. If, based on your experience from living in another country, you recommend some modifications to this approach or a completely different strategy for those residing where you are, please provide us your thoughts, as we are getting visitors from around the globe. My dream and the dream of those who are assisting with this effort, is freedom for everyone everywhere.

  2. marketingformula says:

    I just received an e-mail which stated, “The people I talk to aren’t interested in saving the world. So, I’ve given up on talking to people about what’s happening.”

    As I mentioned above, you want to zero in on what the globalist’s actions mean to them. This means focusing on how having this knowledge will enable them to safeguard their businesses and families. With this knowledge, they can learn how to make smarter decisions concerning their investments and develop more sustainable strategies for their companies. The result may not only be surviving but thriving while others around them are losing their jobs, businesses and homes. Some of these people will eventually come around to realizing they have a greater responsibility toward others. However, at first, this will not fall within the scope of most individual’s realities.

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