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Our Responsibility


golden clock with reflexWe have all heard the expression that freedom isn’t free. And it isn’t. Removing the criminal elite and regaining our freedom is not going to happen if we all stand on the sideline. To the contrary, we all need to play a part. One thing we can do is take every available opportunity to awaken people to the New World Order agenda. If you don’t know how to approach people, study this page

Isn’t It Safer for You to Do Nothing?

If you are reading this article on your computer, tablet or cell phone, you are undoubtedly already on the elite’s list of those who cannot be reeducated. Therefore, if they win, it won’t matter whether you have been waking up people or not. So, why not get out there an start talking? If we all step up our efforts to do so, we can cause such an immense awakening that the enemy of humanity will no longer stand a chance.

Let’s help each other overcome this level of ignorance!

Thank you and I wish us all success.



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