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Host’s Background


golden clock with reflexMy entire professional career has been spent in the marketing field. For several years, I ran hospital marketing departments. Then, in 1990, I launched my own marketing consulting firm.

Initially, all of my clients were healthcare providers. Today, my focus has broadened. In addition to the medical field, my clients include service professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, realtors, financial service providers, and contractors.

Professionally, I foremost consider myself a marketing strategist and a communications expert. My college education, training and experience in these areas are the roots of my success in waking people up to the globalist agenda.

My Awakening

In 1976, I read None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. Although I believed the content to be true, I did not thoroughly understand the extent of the Globalist’s activation of their agenda until I experienced “a reawakening” in 2005. This occurred when I was directed to view an online interview with Lindsey Williams. I then discovered Alex Jones, Dr. Stan Monteith, David Icke and many others, and began scouring the Internet everyday for more information.

My Mission

My mission is a simple one— to contribute to the Liberty Movement in the best manner I can. I could just continue to wake people up one by one, which I still do. However, I believe I can be much more helpful by inspiring and training others to get out there and kindle people’s awareness. This, I believe, is the most effective avenue I can travel to speed the awakening of the people of this planet.

My Request

Join with me in the efforts to raise the consciousness of others. This means you getting out there talking to people and, if and when you are ready, assisting me in coaching and training people to become more successful disseminators of our message.


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