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Special Acknowledgement to G. Edward Griffin

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In August 2013, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with G. Edward Griffin and his lovely wife Patricia. We discussed the Globalist agenda and I told him about my successes in waking people up to the New World Order agenda. In addition, I mentioned my thoughts about creating a blog or website dedicated to “waking people up.” Mr. Griffin’s response was, “Marc, you have to do it. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you need to make this a priority.” I knew he was right.

What impressed me most about the Griffins is their adoration for each other and love for humanity. I felt and still feel deeply moved by the warmth of the energy that surrounds them.

Mr. Griffin’s response to my request for him to review this blog was simply “keep building this fire.” So I will.

I wish to thank the Griffins for their sincere encouragement and my friend Bob for introducing them to me. Now, thanks to the support of the Griffins and many others, we have a blog that can help make a difference.



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