About Wake the People Now!


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Most of what people do to inform people about the New World Order agenda is WRONG

Many of us:

  • Violate the basic components of communication
  • Talk to the wrong people
  • Usually talk about the wrong subject
  • Say the wrong things when we do talk about the right subject

How often have you found it frustrating when you try to talk to people about the globalists’ agenda? Do people argue with you and think you’re a conspiracy nut? Would you like be able to effortlessly and consistently get 6 to 12 people in one evening interested in learning the truth? In this blog, we provide you with:

  • “Communication musts” that will ensure you have smoother conversations and are adept at causing others to agree with your message
  • A link to an excellent video that will improve your ability to talk to friends and family members about these alarming subjects
  • What the best target market is for you to contact
  • What subject you should focus on
  • What the content of your message should include
  • How to take people from asleep to awake
  • A better understanding of the mindset of the elite (especially the younger ones who are supporting the use of high technology to destroy us)

Why This Blog?

The purpose of Wake the People Now! is to help those who are aware of the globalists’ agenda to successfully awaken others. We provide an approach that causes people to become interested and engaged in discovering what the “elite” are trying to accomplish.

We live in times that are both precarious and exciting. Should the globalists achieve their objectives, this will likely lead to the end of Western civilization and, perhaps, even humanity. Yet, thanks to the work of many dedicated people, the world is awakening to the globalists’ agenda. It is apparent the elite are now having difficulty achieving their goals.

We are now at a crossroad. The global elite are trying to complete their implementation of their New World Order agenda. At the same time, people are waking up in droves to their plans, and the level of resistance is rapidly growing. The tide may be turning. No longer do we need to feel so hopeless. So, let us all get better at waking people up and have at it. Together, along with the many dedicated Internet radio hosts and countless number of other courageous activists, we can provide the last effort needed to blow the criminal cabal’s agenda apart and create a new renaissance for our planet that abounds in freedom, peace, prosperity, spiritual growth and unprecedented scientific advancements for the good of all.

What Do We Recommend You Do?

For starters, watch this compelling video created by Foster and Kimberly Gamble entitled How to Share Difficult Information with Friends without Losing Friendships. Then, please visit the page Try Our Proven Approach. Learn it and apply it.

Although our approach has been tested time and again and it works, we do recommend you periodically visit this blog as we do frequently make revisions based on national and world current events, valid suggestions and changing public perception of the national and world situation.